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Celebrating John Calvin

(Post from Paul Butler’s Production Blog)

July 10, 2009, marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin. This summer there are many gatherings planned to celebrate the reformer’s life and legacy all around the world.

This feature highlights three of these celebrations with:

1. Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum Ministries which is sponsoring the “Reformation 500 Celebration” in Boston, MA, July 1st – 4th.
2. Dr. Michael Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, who is speaking at the “Calvin for the 21st Century Conference” sponsored by the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI, August 27th – 29th.
3. Scott Anderson, Director of Conferences for Desiring God Ministries which is sponsoring the: “With Calvin in the Theatre of God Conference” in Minneapolis, MN, September 25th – 27th.

Posted by: Michael M. Dewalt | June 29, 2009

Blogging @ Calvin500

I (Michael Dewalt) will be at the Genevan Conferences. I’ll be blogging or posting as often as possible. For my updates from Geneva, see the following.

Twitter – follow his experience in Geneva while attending the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Facebook – look for updated status’s on what is going on during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Calvin500 Blog – Blogging the papers and sermons given during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Calvin500 Twubs – Live twitter updates from all who are twittering the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Gospel-Centered Musings – personal blog post on the experience in Geneva during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference


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Final Greetings and Bon Voyage

Post from David Hall, Executive Director’s Email on 6/26 to Sponsors and Speakers of Calvin500


Almost 3 years ago to the date, we started making contacts and plans for Calvin500. Most of you will be joining together either for the tour or for the Conferences in Geneva. I want to heartily thank our sponsors and all our speakers. You have each sacrificed and given freely of your counsel and support. We are all your debtors.

The books are all in progress: 4 volumes are out now, the 5th (Calvin and Commerce) will be promo-ed in GVA and released in Sept, the 6th (Tributes to John Calvin) is to the editor, the 7th (the sermons from the conference) will be turned around by July 30, and the 8th (Calvin and Culture: Exploring a Worldview) is in process and on time for release later this year.

The tour is wonderful, and please know how pleased we are with the Witte Travel group!

Do pass the word that locals who wish to attend will be accommodated as space permits.

My last 3 cheers are: (1) travel safe; (2) heed your time limits to honor Calvin for brevity; and (3) richly enjoy your time and fellowship.

Please invite any friends and churches to pray for us that the good news will sound forth. God bless.

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John Calvin on Prayer

1021This book collects for the first time John Calvin’s teachings on prayer, taken from his 1559 classic the Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin scholar John Hesselink puts Calvin’s views into context with an introductory essay for the book. A summary and questions for discussion precede each segment of Calvin’s text, making this volume ideal for personal and group study. See here.

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(Post by Paul Morris)

The CWI Annual Edersheim Lecture

Given by Dr Peter Barnes, Lecturer in Church History at the Presbyterian Theological Centre, Sydney

Every year Christian Witness to Israel (CWI) in Australia organises a lecture that examines a theme related to the Jewish people and the Christian faith. It is named after Alfred Edersheim, the author of the Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, and other classics, because of his devotion to devout scholarship in the cause of mission to the Jewish people. In this 500th anniversary year we will focus on what Calvin wrote concerning the Jews and to learn lessons for today

Sydney venue: Tuesday 28th July, 7.30pm. Ashfield Presbyterian Church, Cnr. Liverpool Rd. & Knox Str., Ashfield.

Melbourne venue: Wednesday 29th July, 7.30pm. Presbyterian Theological College, 684 Elgar Road, Box Hill North.

No admission charge

For a recording of the lecture contact CWI (Australia) at

Sponsored by Christian Witness to Israel (Australia)

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July 2009 will mark the 500th Anniversary of the birth of John Calvin.

Salt and Light will be focussing on the life and legacy of Reformer John Calvin on Radio Tygerberg (104FM) this Tuesday (23 June) at 8:30pm. Those outside of Cape Town can listen online at The July edition of JOY! Magazine includes a 3 page cover article on 500 years of John Calvin.

The outlawed and exiled French Reformer, John Calvin, became the most influential man of his age and his teachings have been recognized to have provided some of the most important foundations in the shaping of Great Britain and the United States of America in particular.


The Reformation teachings of John Calvin were foundational in the development of modern Europe and North America. Calvin’s concept of the separation of the church and civil government – where each stand independent of each other yet recognise each other’s Divine authority, supporting each other within their own spheres – transformed Western Civilization.


Calvin’s ideas of religious toleration, representative government, constitutionalising monarchies, establishing the rights and liberties of citizens and the Christian work ethic led to the Industrial and Scientific Revolutions, developing the most productive and prosperous societies in history.

Calvin’s Reformation teachings dominated European and American history for centuries – setting the agendas and inspiring most of the greatest social Reformers. The record of history is that in every fight for freedom Calvinists were on the forefront of political and military resistance to tyranny. This was true of the Puritans in England, the Dutch fighting for freedom from Catholic Spain in the Netherlands, the Huguenots in France, the Presbyterians in Scotland, and the founding fathers of the United States of America. Historians have noted that Calvinism thrived in those countries where opposition was the greatest.


Some of the greatest philosophers, writers, Reformers and Christian leaders in history have described themselves as Calvinists. Some of John Calvin’s influential disciples include: John Knox, William The Silent, Oliver Cromwell, John Owen, John Milton, Richard Baxter, Jonathan Edwards, David Brainerd, George Whitefield, William Carey, William Wilberforce, Sir Isaac Newton, Lord Shaftsbury, Charles Spurgeon, David Livingstone, the Covenanters in Scotland, the Huguenots of France and the Pilgrim founders of America.


Calvin’s concept of the Christian life was as a militant pilgrimage leading safely home by a pre-destined path of service and suffering – as we fulfill our cultural calling. John Calvin stands out as one of the finest Bible scholars, one of the greatest systematic theologians, and one of the most profound religious thinkers in history. John Calvin was Bible-centred in his teaching, God-centred in his living, and Christ-centred in his Faith. The rigorous pursuit of moral righteousness, both personally and in society, was one of the primary features of Calvinism. Calvin made character a fundamental test of genuine Christianity and taught a dynamic social activism.


2009 will also be the 450th anniversary of the final edition of Calvin’s monumentally important book: The Institutes of the Christian Religion. TheInstitutes has been described as: “The clearest, most logical and most readable exposition of Protestant Doctrines that the Reformation age produced.” The final edition of the Institutes, of 1559, contained 80 chapters and more than 1000 pages. The Institutes stands out as the finest textbook of Theology, defense of the Protestant Faith, manifesto for the Reformation, handbook for catechism, weapon against heresy, and guide to Christian discipleship. It is a systematic masterpiece which has earned itself a permanent place amongst the greatest Christian books in all of history.


An outlaw and exile from France, Calvin was invited to minister in Geneva where, for over a quarter of a century, he preached an average of five sermons a week, lectured to theological students, wrote commentaries on almost every book in the Bible, as well as numerous other theological books, producing a river of theological treatises and a massive amount of correspondence, which alone fills eleven volumes. John Calvin stands out as one of the most productive and hard working Reformers in history, he trained and sent out pastors, church planters and evangelists who established over two thousand Reformed congregations in France alone, just in his own lifetime.


The Reformation Society is dedicated not only to inform and inspire but to involve. Not only to motivate but to mobilize. Not only to educate but to enlist Bible believing Christians in the World War of Worldviews, to change lives, transform nations, make history, by Biblical Reformation and Spiritual Revival. For DVD, CD, MP3 and book resources for Reformation and Revival contact or


Our goal is to see people’s minds renewed, devotional lives restored, Christians networked and involved in local Christian Action groups, Reformation Societies and Transformation Teams, rekindling the fires of Spiritual zeal by practical hands-on involvement in Reformation work. If you share our concern for Biblical Reformation please contact the Reformation Society to help organise a Reformation Celebration in your college, school or congregation.

May Calvin’s emblem of a heart aflame in the hand of God become true for us as well, and may his motto: “Promptly and sincerely in the service of my God” be ours as well.

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Chinese Calvinism flourishes

See here.

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Church leaders from around the world will be traveling to and from Geneva, Switzerland, for Calvin500.   Pray for safety for all those traveling.

Posted by: Michael M. Dewalt | June 19, 2009

Desiring God National Conference: With Calvin in the Theater of God

(post from Mike Tong & DG)

The first 500 people to register for the Desiring God 2009 National Conference, “With Calvin in the Theater of God,” will receive a free copy of The Soul of Life: The Piety of John Calvin edited by Joel Beeke. Register today!

soul-of-lifeThe Soul of Life: The Piety of John Calvin

John Calvin is the most notable figure from the Reformed tradition. Unfortunately, he is often characterized as a stern and cerebral individual who had little concern for practical matters. However, Calvin was actually influential in promoting a profound sense of piety among early Protestantism. In “The Soul of Life”, Joel R. Beeke presents the life and ministry of Calvin with a special emphasis on Calvin’s efforts for cultivating healthy spirituality among the churches. The selections from Calvin’s own work will give readers a firsthand look at Calvin’s emphasis on godliness, and by God’s grace, will be a means for spurring on greater godliness in our day.

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Monergism’s Calvin500 Resources Page

A collection of resources from in celebration of the life and writings of John Calvin (1509-1564 a.d.)

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Looking for Upcoming Calvin Events in 2009?

See Calvin 500 here.

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spiritually nourished

Pray again that the Lord will bless those who speak, and those who listen.  Pray that all may be spiritually nourished.  Pray that each person in attendance will experience genuine refreshment and spiritual encouragement.

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Calvin medals at the PCA Historical Center

Here is a link to a page with information on a collection of Calvin medals at the PCA Historical Center.

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Look for Live Blogging

(Post by David Hall)

At The Calvin Blog superstar Michael Dewalt will be at the Genevan Conferences. He’ll be blogging or posting as often as possible. For his work, see  the following.

Twitter – follow his experience in Geneva while attending the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Facebook – look for updated status’s on what is going on during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Calvin500 Blog – Blogging the papers and sermons given during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference

Gospel-Centered Musings – personal blog post on the experience in Geneva during the Calvin500 Tour and Conference


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Calvin Countdown birthday clock

Check out the Calvin500 Countdown birthday clock here.

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The Calvin500 Series, 8-Volumes Fully Announced!

Those in Print…

Volume 1 – Theological Guide to Calvin’s Institutes: Essays and Analysis Edited by, David W. Hall and Peter A. Lillback
Capturing both the best of elite scholarship, as well as exhibiting a firm understanding of and passion for Calvin’s own work, these essays by 20 elite Calvin scholars who appreciate the abiding value of Calvin’s Institutes provide definitive and section-by-section commentary on Calvin’s magnum opus. A section by section commentary on Calvin’s Institutes.

Volume 2 – Legacy of John Calvin: His Influence on the Modern World by David W. Hall
David Hall identifies 10 seminal ways that Calvin’s thought transformed the culture of the West, complete with a nontechnical biography of Calvin and tributes by other leaders. The Legacy of John Calvin is brief enough for popular audiences and analytical enough to provide much information in a short space.

Volume 3 – The Piety of John Calvin: A Collection of His Spiritual Prose, Poems, and Hymns by Ford Lewis Battles
The Piety of John Calvin is an anthology that promotes “a warm personal grasp” of Calvin, the man. This book seeks to show the Christian man as he saw himself, to see the Christian life as he understood it, and to examine both his theoretical exposition or prayer and his own prayers, in the liturgy and for other occasions.

Volume 4 – Calvin in the Public Square: Liberal Democracies, Rights, and Civil Liberties by David W. Hall
In the past two decades, a small cottage industry of important new scholarship has emerged documenting the distinctive Calvinist contributions to the development of Western theories of law, democracy, and human rights. In this engaging volume, David Hall offers a crisp distillation of the latest scholarly findings and a clarion call to reclaim the Calvinist pedigree of some of our most cherished political ideas and institutions.

Those to come…

Volume 5 – Calvin and Commerce, by David W. Hall and Matthew D. Burton
Is Capitalism dead? Should it be? This volume explores the seminal thought of John Calvin on business, commerce, investment, stewardship, philanthropy, and other economic areas. His thought revolutionized certain areas of life; it may be time for that revolution to be revisited.

Volume 6 – Tributes to Calvin,  Edited by David W. Hall
Calvin500 marked the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth with an international conference in Geneva. These 24 addresses by a host of international scholars were presented in Geneva for that conference and provide one of the most comprehensive, informed, and rounded assessments of Calvin’s thought today.

Volume 7 – Commemorating Calvin: Sermons in Honor of John Calvin from Calvin500, Edited by David W. Hall
One of the signatures of Calvinism is expositing the Scriptures, and no anniversary of Calvin would be complete without preaching from modern Calvinists. Thirteen sermons, delivered in St. Pierre Cathedral as part of Calvin500, are given to commemorate the lively preaching of Calvinists today.

Volume 8 – Calvin and Culture: Exploration of a Worldview, Edited by David W. Hall and Marvin Padgett
Calvin’s thought was not confined within the walls of the church; it had a pervasive cultural overflow. Thirteen scholars each discuss an academic discipline (art, law, science, philosophy, economics, literature, music, politics, etc) and reflect on how Calvin impacted each of those and provide a salutary worldview.

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Amazon’s Top Seller on Calvinism is…

Kudos to Dr. Joel Beeke, featured preacher at our Calvin500 Tour Conference, for his top-rated Amazon book, under the Calvinist category, check it out to see the rankings!

Posted by: Michael M. Dewalt | June 13, 2009

It’s Not Too Late (but almost) to Join us

Please join one of our sponsors, Reformed Theological Seminary, for “A Taste of John Calvin,” in Orlando June 15-16. It’s not too late. For infor, go to and click on the button for conference infor.

Also, the prices for flight to Geneva are dropping (now ca. $650 r/t from Atlanta), so if you still want to join us for Calvin500, book your own flight, find a hotel in your range, and register before 6/24 with a check payable to Calvin500, and you can participate in history.

If your check for $550 USD reaches our office by that time, you’ll be registered and save over $100 from the price at the door, which is also available (475 Euros or $655 USD).

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Special June Issue of MR: Calvin at 500, Does He Still Matter?

See the Heidelblog.

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Pray that the nations of the world will turn themselves unto the Lord

Continue to pray that the Spirit of God will work in us, and through us, during Calvin500.  Pray that the Lord will send Biblical revival and reformation in our generation.  Pray that the nations of the world will turn themselves unto the Lord.

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