Posted by: Michael M. Dewalt | June 27, 2009

Final Greetings and Bon Voyage

Post from David Hall, Executive Director’s Email on 6/26 to Sponsors and Speakers of Calvin500


Almost 3 years ago to the date, we started making contacts and plans for Calvin500. Most of you will be joining together either for the tour or for the Conferences in Geneva. I want to heartily thank our sponsors and all our speakers. You have each sacrificed and given freely of your counsel and support. We are all your debtors.

The books are all in progress: 4 volumes are out now, the 5th (Calvin and Commerce) will be promo-ed in GVA and released in Sept, the 6th (Tributes to John Calvin) is to the editor, the 7th (the sermons from the conference) will be turned around by July 30, and the 8th (Calvin and Culture: Exploring a Worldview) is in process and on time for release later this year.

The tour is wonderful, and please know how pleased we are with the Witte Travel group!

Do pass the word that locals who wish to attend will be accommodated as space permits.

My last 3 cheers are: (1) travel safe; (2) heed your time limits to honor Calvin for brevity; and (3) richly enjoy your time and fellowship.

Please invite any friends and churches to pray for us that the good news will sound forth. God bless.


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