Posted by: Michael M. Dewalt | June 1, 2009

John Calvin and Calvinism in France, but do you know Calvinitis?

French theologian Sebastian Fath describes how he succumbed to this year’s Calvin-it is. The piece is of interest (I ran across it on Michael Haykin’s blog) for a French take on the commemoration. The original (post) is machine translated below.

”Calvinite, nm, “commémorative disease focused on everything related to John Calvin. Epidemiological Pic in 2009. I see you coming …. Will I succumbed to this disease? It is possible in the light of my last notes.

So, I promise, I will treat. Good books

I force myself not to comment on anything that appears on John Calvin. It will be hard, because the books are not lacking, often well made, like the very tasty “Calvin” signed by Jean-Luc Mouton, a collection of pocket to any newbie.

Also note, for children please, a great story book entitled Calvin, a friend of God, signed Jérôme Cottin and Corinne Vonaesch. A very nice little gem to read.

Many other works deserve mention here: I refer you to this particular site (click on the icon), which regularly updates the new information and publications on the famous french reformer:

I confine myself here to one last observation literature, all the more necessary that the book is especially remarkable from a scientific perspective, and it will, alas, rather than broadcasting and advertising.

This is a special issue of the Bulletin of the Society for the History of French Protestantism (venerable BSHPF) on the theme “Jean Calvin et la France”.

This issue has 21 collector scholarly studies, divided into three themes: Calvin and France at the time of Calvin, Receptions and images of Calvin (16th-18th century), and Calvin in French culture and modern historiography.

Want to know how Calvin saw Richelieu? How was perpetuated (or not) the memory of Calvin at Noyon in the seventeenth century?

You wonder about the latest research perspectives on the reformer?

You rush to the site of BSHPF or in the good book that I have hope – the wisdom to put this excellent book, a must to be any chance to appear again in a century in the bibliographies of the 600th birthday.”

Editor: If this piques your interest, be sure to hear Henri Blocher’s address in Geneva on Calvin the Frenchman.


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