Posted by: Michael M. Dewalt | February 6, 2009

February Calvin Events in Europe

Readers may want to check the following:

Televised worship for the Calvin year 2009

ZDF will televise worship from the former Great Church in Emden (John a Lasco Library) for the opening of the Calvin jubilee year 2009. This will make clear the importance of the Geneva Reformer for Protestantism in Germany. After first reflections on the form and content, the EKD television representative, Pastor Charlotte Magin, wants the televised worship to take account of Jean Calvin’s concept of community order. Here the diaconate will also play an important role.

Place: Emden, John a Lasco Library. For information, see here.


If you happen to be in Geneva this week, check out:

Films: “Cine debates Calvin09”

Showings of films and documentaries followed by discussion, on Jean Calvin and Protestantism.


Showings of films and documentaries followed by discussion, on Jean Calvin and Protestantism. On programme:   “Calvin, portrait sensible”  by Caroline Reussner ;  “La vie de Michel Servet” by Oliver Eckert ; “Les diables de Loudun” by Krzysztof Penderecki ; “Luther” by Eric Till.

Dates: 3/4/5 February and 3/4/5 March 2009
Place: Auditorium Arditi-Wilsdorf, Geneva. For information, go here.


And upcoming the third week of February:

Colloquium in Aix-en-Provence and Vaux-sur-Seine

“The significance of Jean Calvin: theologian, exegete and church man”
The Free Theological Fakulty in Aix-en-Provence (FLTR) and the Free Evangelical Theological Fakulty in Vaux-sur-Seine (FLTE) organize a common colloquium on that theme in spring 2009. Aix-en-Provence: 20 to 21 February, 2009; Faculté de Théologie, 33 Av Jules Ferry. Vaux-sur-Seine: 27 to 28 March, 2009; Faculté de Théologie, 85 Av de Cherbourg. See here.


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