Posted by: jondpayne | July 22, 2008

Calvin & World Missions

Well … here goes my official introduction to the world of blogging.  Since the focus of this blog is the life and ministry of John Calvin, it will be a sure blessing to participate along with my dear brothers in Christ.

This past Friday I returned from a wonderful mission trip to Lima, Peru.  It was a joint trip with our church (Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Douglasville, GA) and our friends at Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Peachtree City, GA.  I was reminded on our trip of how important it is for us “Reformed folk” not to lose sight of the Great Commission given to us by our Lord – to reach the nations with the gospel of grace. Calvin, commenting on Matthew 28:18-20, specifically charges ministers of the gospel to remember Christ’s exhortation to world missions:

“Such is … the import of the term go out; for the prophets under the law had limits assigned to them, but now, the wall of partition having been broken down (Eph. ii. 14) the Lord commands the ministers of the gospel to go to a distance, in order to spread the doctrine of salvation in every part of the world.” (Calvin’s Commentaries, vol. XVII, p.384)


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